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Loving Hands Hospice LLC is dedicated to providing exceptional, cost effective, family focused care for the medically complex patient. Our goal is to meet the patient’s medical needs in the nurturing environment of their home or skilled facility, minimize the impact of the patient’s condition on the family while respecting the role of the family in the care of the patient.

Patients’ Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

As a Patient, you have the right to:

  1. Be cared for by a team of professionals who will provide high quality comprehensive hospice services as needed and appropriate for you and your family including extended and alternative family;
  2. Have a clear understanding of the availability of, and access to, hospice services and the hospice team 24 hours a day, seven days a week;
  3. Receive appropriate and compassionate care, regardless of diagnosis, race, age, gender, creed, disability, sexual orientation, place of residence, or the ability to pay for the services rendered;
  4. Right to receive effective pain management and symptom control;
  5. Be fully informed regarding patient status in order to participate in the plan of care. The hospice professional team will assist the patient and family in identifying which services and treatments will help attain these goals;
  6. Be fully informed regarding the potential benefits and risks of all medical treatments or services suggested, and to accept or refuse those treatments and or services as appropriate to the patient and families personal wishes;
  7. Be treated with respect and dignity; right to not be subjected to abuse, neglect , or exploitation;
  8. Have patient and family trained in effective way of caring for the patient
  9. Confidentiality with regard to provision of services and all client records, including information concerning patient and family health status, as well as social, and or financial circumstances. The patient information and records may be released only with patient/family’s written consent, and or as required by law;
  10. Be informed of any fees or charges in advance of services for which patient and family may be liable. Patient and family has the right to access any insurance or entitlement programs for which the patient is eligible.
  11. Voice grievances concerning patient care, treatment, and or respect for person or privacy without being subject to discrimination or reprisal, and have any such complaints investigated by the hospice.

Patient / Caregiver Responsibilities:

  1. Participate in developing the plan of care and asking questions about the care and services. Reporting unexpected changes in the patient’s condition. Give feedback about services needs and expectations. Express any concerns about the ability to follow and comply with proposed care plan or course of treatment.
  2. Provide accurate and complete information about present complaints, past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications, and other matters relating to the patient’s health.
  3. Remain under a doctor’s care while receiving hospice services.
  4. Understanding and accepting consequences for the outcomes if the care, services or treatment plan is not followed.
  5. Show respect and consideration of the hospice personnel and property.
  6. Meet financial commitments agreed upon with the hospice.
  7. Assist Hospice staff in developing and maintaining a safe environment in which your care can be provided. Allow staff to teach safety measures.
  8. Communicate with hospice before lab test, other medical care,
    physicians or hospital services are received to ensure payment for rendered services through the hospice program.
  9. Discuss pain relief options with your nurse
    A. Work with the nurse to develop a pain management plan.
    B. Ask for pain relief when pain first begins.
    C. help your nurse to assess your pain.
    D. Tell your nurse if pain is not relieved.
    E. Tell your nurse about any worries you have about taking pain medications.

Loving Hands Hospice is a group dedicated to providing quality care in a safe manner. Should you have any concerns about the safety or quality of care provided in this Joint commission Accredited agency that are NOT addressed by the agency staff or the Hospice Division Management Team, you are encouraged to report these concerns to the Joint Commission. You may contact the The Missouri State Hotline which will be answered 7am - Midnight. Seven days a week for Home Health and Hospice complaints at 1-800-392-0210


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